Construction Sequence Information

Pool Specifications, Inc. is committed to excellence and strives to provide its clients with a beautiful, hydraulically balanced and structurally sound swimming pool and spa.  The following information will help you better understand the various construction phases and what might be expected at each sequential step:

  • Permits:  Obtain and provide structural engineering and submit to the city for permits.

  • Excavation:  Remove fence, grade yard, layout pool at proper elevation and excavate.  This will take place under the direct supervision of Daniel Dougherty II.

  • Steel:  Placement of all reinforcing steel and related surcharges. 

  • Plumbing and Equipment: Dig trenches and run plumbing.  Set all equipment on pre-cast slabs.  Install gasline if applicable.

  • Shotcrete Placement:  Shotcrete the structural shape of the pool including all steps, benches, and ledges.

  • Electrical: Install all electrical, run light conduits, pull lights and wire the Pentair remote control system and pool equipment.

  • Coping and Tile:  Installation of coping (quartz flagstone, reefstone, bullnose brick, etc.) and waterline tile.

  • Concrete Decking, Masonry Work and Landscape:  Forming and placement of concrete decking around swimming pool and spa.  Build all retaining walls, steps and walkways.  Landscape drains, sprinkler systems and plant materials installed.

  • Plaster or Gemstone Finish: Plaster swimming pool and spa and begin filling with water.

We hope this information will answer some of the questions you may have with regards to construction phases.  All of us at Pool Specifications, Inc. look forward to serving you and will do everything we possibly can to make this an exciting and rewarding experience.

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